Welcome to SPM

Hey Guys! This is the current setup until the hash is cracked and when it is we'll have the scan going better than ever!!!


SeattlePokeMaps is NOT closing:

There was a recent hack on our server, We recently did some developer changes and swaps. We do have an account for SPM with more then enough funds saved to fire the scans back up as soon as the API is fixed. We will be back stronger and better then ever.  Anyone with questions until the Hash is reversed can contact me on our Discord channel here is an invite code thats unlimited (https://discord.gg/pQ7TtGx)

What is an API/Hash?

The easiest way to explain it is like fuel for a scanner. We all (mappers) use a 3rd party service to get our requests sent to Niantic and so we can populate our maps. Right now Niantic has changed it in an effort to bring down all mapping services (which as we can see they have been successfull) Now as we speak that third party I mentioned (Bossland) they are reverse engineering this hash algorithm and once they are done we can come back as we had things running before. 

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